Show Catalogue

The Best of Gospel-Jazz

Iris and Ofer Portugly celebrating a decade of music making with the gospel choir, with choice songs from all their shows.

A musical journey starting at Blues and traditional American gospel music, through well-loved international staples (Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Queen) to Jewish Piyyutim and prayers, freshly arranged in the spirit of gospel music. The Portugalys present here a collection of songs from their five shows together with the gospel choir in the last decade. These range from Gospel-Jazz, first performed in the Red Sea Jazz Festival, to Adon Haselichot, the Piyyutim and prayers concert with which they are currently touring Israel. This show is the realization of the Portugalys´ vision of their own Israeli-Jewish gospel music.

Songs include, among others, Yom Yavo, As (Stevie Wonder), Let It Be, Lu Yehi, Adon Olam. Shir Lamaalot, Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), as well as a gospel style arrangement of Beethoven´s Ninth Symphony.

This thrilling, exciting show presents the choir´s harmony and the stirring rhythms of gospel music, lovingly offering the audience gospel music´s unique and characteristic messages of optimism, faith, hope and love of Mankind.

Iris Portugaly – vocals and drums

Ofer Portugaly – piano, vocals, arrangements and music management

Yaniv Teichman – oud and guitars

Oded Goldschmidt – double bass

Gospel Choir:

Liora Gonzalez, Keren Ailenberg, Chen Yamin, Sigal Levy, Lior Kodman – Sopranos

Michal Guy, Yael Mintz and Maya Biran – Altos

Ofer Emanuel Lazar, Amit Deitschman and Almog Kapach – Tenors

Nadav Hazut and Yossi Hillel – Basses

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