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Iris & Ofer Portugaly - A Couple Concert

Iris & Ofer Portugaly celebrate 30 years together on and off the stage with an intimate concert, with personal stories woven in about their unique life as a couple and a musical duo.

מופע זוגי 30 שנה

Since they first started collaborating in the 80s at Berklee College of Music in Boston, they have createdcountless projects together which have featured many of the leading artistsinthe Israeli music scene. Now, for the first time, they are performing as a duo, in an intimate concert whichincludeschosenpieces from their mutual work along with stories from behind the scene of their unique personal life.

The concert features their children, musicians with independent careers:
Guy, 23 - who plays a variety of instruments, composes and performs his own music and plays as an accompanist in different productions.

Itai, 18 - an impressive keyboardist, serving in an army band while studying at Rimon School. Itai is the keyboardist for Scardust, which is among the leading bands of the progressive-metal scene in Israel, who released their debut album two years ago, and recently returned from a tour in Germany.

Photo: Yoal Etiel

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