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"At Li Layla"

"At Li Layla" –Sagiv Cohen, Iris & Ofer Portugaly & the Gospel Choir
Perform the Songs of Zohar Argov

"At Li Laila" (= You Are my Night) is a musical project that links the songs of the late Zohar Argov with the rich and rousing gospel music, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the singer's passing.Vocalist Sagiv Cohen, with Iris and Ofer Portugaly and their gospel choir, present modern renditions of the songs made famous by Zohar Argov, in the true spirit of Blues and gospel music.The show completes a 15-year cycle that began at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

"At Li Laila" (You Are my Night) – a show featuring Sagiv Cohen, Iris & Ofer Portugaly and the gospel choir.
The show links the songs made famous by the late Zohar Argov with gospel music and commemorates the 30th anniversary of the singer's passing.
Zohar Argov (1955-1987), despite his controversial personality and premature death, left a significant mark on Israeli music and represents a period when the "Mediterranean style", in the prime of its glory and merits, was compelled to fight for recognition and status in Israeli culture. After his passing, Argov was elevated to the status of a culture hero and many of his songs became eternal staples of Israeli music.
In the context of the show, these songs are combined with Blues and gospel music through a unique and unusual cooperative alliance between Iris & Ofer Portugaly and their gospel choir and vocalist Sagiv Cohen.
A line-up of 14 musicians performs the immortal songs made famous by Zohar Argov in a new and different spirit.
Personal anecdotes about the life of Zohar Argov are interwoven between the songs and spice up the show with new and interesting content.
The audience is introduced to Zohar the man, the friend, the father and the performing artist and to the various facets of his complex personality.

Among the songs performed during the show: HaPerach BeGani (= The Flower in my Garden), Kvar Avru HaShanim (= The Years Have Gone By), Badad (= Alone), At Li Laila (= You Are my Night), Tzel Etz Tamar (= The Shadow of a Palm Tree), Kochavey Laila Yazhiru (= Night Stars will Shine Brightly), Sod HaMazalot (= The Secret of the Zodiac), Et Dodim Kala (= Dear Bride, Mating Time is Here), Eleanor and others.

For the first time ever, this show combines the rich and rousing gospel music with the "Mediterranean Blues" songs made famous by Zohar Argov, dressed and delivered in the lush and colorful arrangements by Ofer Portugaly.

Iris and Ofer Portugaly, prominent figures on the Israeli Jazz scene for more than two decades, were the first to link Jazz and gospel music with local Israeli culture.
Sagiv Cohen, one of the most prolific and prominent creative artists on the Israeli music scene, has remained loyal to his roots while constantly seeking contemporary influences. To this day, Cohen has recorded five solo albums and wrote hit songs for leading Israeli artists.
The show "At Li Laila" completes a 15-year cycle that began as a teacher-student relationship at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Sagiv Cohen started studying at the Rimon School in the year 2000 – the same year when Ofer Portugaly established the gospel choir, having been inspired by a concert tour in Nigeria. Sagiv Cohen was one of the first members of the choir and remained an active member for a number of years, until he spread his wings and embarked on a solo career.
Since then, the Portugalys and Cohen have cooperated occasionally in various special projects, but this is their first jointly-produced performance.V

Iris Portugaly – vocal & drums; Sagiv Cohen – vocal & guitar; Ofer Portugaly – keyboards; Yehonatan Cohen – woodwinds; Adam Tal – oud & guitar; Oded Goldsmith – bass; Ben Eilon – drums & percussion;The Gospel ChoirLiora Hanokoglu-Gonzales & Hen Yamin – soprano; Michal Guy & Yael Mintz – alto; Amit Deitschman & Ofer Emanuel Lazar – tenor; Yossi Hillel – Bass.Arrangements – Ofer PortugalyMusical direction – Ofer Portugaly & Sagiv Cohen

Show produced in cooperation with Beit Avi Hay
Show approved & recommended by Sal Tarbut & Femi Premium

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