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CoverDiscover - Iris & Ofer Portugaly with Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon

Premiered at the 2014 Summer Red Sea Jazz Festival, the show brings together on stage four charismatic leading musicians creating a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Iris & Ofer Portugaly, representing the authentic Israeli jazz scene for over 25 years, this duo creates jazz interpretations for Israeli musical inalienable assets and traditional Jewish music while all along investing in the education of future generations. In recent years they focus their efforts in cultivating the gospel choir they have established upon their return from a successful performance tour in Nigeria. Throughout their career they have released six albums and collaborated with various Israeli and international acclaimed musicians. In this special show they join hands with two remarkable musicians who have thoroughly explored the African musical tradition while living and creating there.

Yossi Fine has established a successful international career both as bass player and musical producer. Over his career he has collaborated with great many leading artists in Israel and abroad including Arik Einstein, Meir Ariel, Shalom Hanoch, Korin Alal, Yehudit Ravitz, Lou Reed, Gil Evans, David Bowie, Stanley Jordan, Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield and Brian Eno. Fine was one the first to introduce Black music and Dub in Israel initiating a link between Tel Aviv, Jamaica, New York and the African continent together with his spectacular band the Excentric Sound System.

Ben Aylon a sought after percussionist specializing in world music builds his own instruments and incorporates traditional and original techniques creating his own unique and fascinating expression. His self-built drum set includes various traditional West African percussion instruments creating a sense as if a tribe of drummers is present on stage.This energetic one-time ensemble will perform original pieces composed especially for this show alongside fresh musical arrangements for contemporary Israeli and American standards. Four unique music channels merge into a singular flow.

Iris PortugalyVocals, Drums
Ofer PortugalyPiano, Electric Piano
Ben AylonAfrican Percussion
Yossi FineBass
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