Show Catalogue

Jazz – The Art of The Moment, guided concerts for jazz aficionados and novices

In this special show, the audience gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse of jazz music. The pieces performed in the show represent various jazz styles, interspersed with historical vignettes, from the very beginnings of Blues until today, accompanied by straightforward, eye-level explanations and entertaining presentation, for an experience that is both highly enjoyable and enriching.

During the show the audience is exposed to music from the artist´s perspective, when the Potugalys provide tools for understanding jazz music and then make the audience an active part of music making.

Says Ofer Portugaly: ´Jazz is perceived as a complex, hard to understand music, and over the years has become ´Musicians´ music´. We feel it is very important to make our audience a part of our experience, and provide it with the tools to understand what we are doing at any given moment on stage´.

The guided concert can be booked as a duo ensemble (active workshop), a trio or a quartet.

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