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image-Iris & Ofer Portugaly - A Couple Concert
5 February 2019
Iris & Ofer Portugaly celebrate 30 years together on and off the stage with an intimate concert, with personal stories woven in about their unique life as a couple and a musical duo.
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image-"At Li Layla"
Sagiv Cohen, Iris & Ofer Portugaly and the Gospel Choir Perform the Songs of Zohar Argov
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image-Jazzing It Up with Ofer Portugaly
Jazzing it Up with Ofer Portugaly is a project combining a concep album with a series of live performances showcasing the country's leading singers and songwriters. Ofer Portugaly and his guests perform Jazzy versions of their familiar songs, as a homage to Israeli music.
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image-The Best of Gospel-Jazz
Iris and Ofer Portugly celebrating a decade with the gospel choir, with a selection of their best. A musical journey from Blues and traditional American gospel music, through well-loved international staples (Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Queen), to Jewish Piyyutim and prayers freshly arranged in the spirit of gospel music.
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image-Gospel Compact
A compact version of "The Best of Gospel-Jazz" show
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image-"Adon Haselichot" – Jewish Gospel and Traditional Music
The Show "Adon Haselichot" combines Gospel music and Jazz, with traditional Jewish prayers, resulting in a unique modern creation from these traditional genres. For the first time gospel spirit is bound together with the prayers of the synagogue in a new spectacular performance, which brings a variety of flavors from the different ethnic groups of the Jewish tradition.
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image-Iris & Ofer Portugaly Jazz Quartet
Alongside the large-scale Adon Haselichot show, performed with the gospel choir, this show offers a more intimate version of their music. The Portugalys, in an intriguing quartet ensemble, will perform a selection from their five albums and countless concerts.
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image-CoverDiscover - Iris & Ofer Portugaly with Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon
Premiered at the 2014 Summer Red Sea Jazz Festival, the show brings together on stage four charismatic leading musicians creating a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.
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image-Jazz – The Art of The Moment, guided concerts for jazz aficionados and novices
In this special show, the audience gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse of jazz music. The pieces performed in the show represent various jazz styles, interspersed with historical vignettes, from the very beginnings of Blues until today, and are accompanied by straightforward, eye-level explanations and entertaining presentation, for an experience that is both highly enjoyable and enriching.
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